Where can I upload data and materials?

You can upload your data and materials in a number of places, for example:

  • The Open Science Framework, run by the Center for Open Science is probably the most comprehensive platform for open data in the social sciences. Its scope extends beyond the publication of data alone, as it aims to facilitate collaboration between multiple users even before a project is completed. Projects can be kept private, and secret, read-only links can be generated for reviewers to access materials before a manuscript is made public. Snapshots of projects can also be created for preregistration, and DOIs can be generated for public data. Soderberg (2018) provides a step-by-step guide to using the OSF for sharing data.
  • Zenodo is a data repository run by CERN in collaboration with the European Union's OpenAIRE project. It is mostly a data storage service, with few collaboration features. Projects can be fully open, limited-access (upon request or opened after an embargo date) or closed-access. DOIs are generated automatically for projects.
  • Databrary is a data sharing service designed around sensitive data, particularly audio and video material of participants. It limits access to projects to researchers who have signed an agreement regarding the use of data. The project is described in detail by Gilmore, Kennedy, & Adolph (2018).
  • Figshare is a commercial data repository run by a subsidiary of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. Like Zenodo, it primarily provides storage space, alongside an online viewer for documents and presentations. DOIs are generated automatically for repositories.

Repository overviews

The above list is non-exhaustive, and there are more repositories and evaluation criteria. These have been summarized in other places: