How can I find out what's going on in the open science world?

The Open Science community is a vibrant, friendly and collaborative group of people working together to improve psychological science. Many discussions take place in the open, and there is always a lot going on. How can we keep up with the latest developments?

Social media

Much of the day-to-day chatter can be found on social media:

  • Twitter provides a never-ending firehose of discussions. The @OpenScience account often collects news and articles regarding Open Science across disciplines; the organizations below are also represented. If you follow some voices you find interesting, you'll likely soon get a feeling for ongoing discussions.
  • Facebook also hosts some forums related to open science, though less so. An active group in the realm of methodology and statistics is PsychMAP.
  • Blogs reflect individual opinions in a longer format. You might enjoy the 100% CI, Simine Vazire's Sometimes I'm Wrong or Felix Schönbrodt's blog?
  • Podcasts can be great for casual listening to discussions. Examples you might find interesting are the Open Science Radio or The Black Goat. Sau-Chin Chen put together an overview of Psychological Science Podcasts, which are mostly hosted by Open Science Promoters.
Being an academic on social media

Academic social media is great at giving voice to a wide and diverse group of people, but dealing with the deluge of information can be exhausting. It's hard if not impossible to keep up, and everybody seems to be working so hard and achieving so much! As much as the banter can be uplifting, it can at times be depressing.


There are several organizations that have made it their mission to foster open science, especially in the field of psychology:

Local initiatives

Besides larger organisations, there are several local, university-level initiatives. The German network of open-science initiatives maintains a list of local working groups in Germany and beyond.